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How To...

Getting Started

The screencast above demonstrates some of the basics of data-entry and display.

Your Daytum page is a collection of two types of panels: Displays and Statements. As a new user, you will find a sample of each type on your page to explore, adapt or delete. While logged in, these elements can be repositioned using the MOVE HANDLE ( move ) and their appearance adjusted via the OPTIONS LINK ( options ) on the top of each display.

getting started

To start tracking your data, begin by defining the ITEMS you wish to track (coffees, miles, pushups, etc). When you have an amount to record, it is given a date and time and added as an ENTRY associated with an item. Items can then be classified with one or more CATEGORIES. For example, an item "Orange Juice" may be categorized as "Beverage" as well as "Breakfast". To select infomation to present in a display, you select the category or categories to be shown.