How To...


The ACCOUNT link found to the right of the Daytum logo allows you to upgrade, downgrade or delete your account, as well as manage billing details and download your data.

sample account

Current Account. Displays the type of account, and the cost per month if applicable.

Current Billing Information. The last 4 digits of your credit card, its expiration date, and the next scheduled charge if enrolled in a paid plan.

Billing History. Any charges to your account are displayed here.

Download Your Data. To export your Daytum entries, use the link here to download your data as a zipped collection of CSV files.

Delete Your Account. Use this link to completely erase your Daytum account. Once deleted, your account information cannot be restored.

Account Options. This matrix displays the limits and features of the Daytum Free and Plus accounts. If you would like to switch to the Daytum Free but the link is not available, the notification area below the matrix will help you determine which premium features you are still using.

Common Questions. Further information about the accounts.