How To...

Display Panels

The display panel is the heart of the Daytum site. It provides a streamlined way for you to effortlessly update and present the data you collect.

sample display

1. Create a new display by selecting the NEW DISPLAY link at the bottom of your page.

new display

2. Give your display a title in the text field at the top of the new panel, and use the data drop-down menu to select the set of information to show. Entries on Daytum are organized into categories, which are used to drive the displays. When creating a new display, you can choose an existing category, or select NEW CATEGORY to create one that will take the name of your panel title. Select a view setting and click CREATE DISPLAY to make the panel.

quick add

3. In your new display, click ADD AN ITEM... to create and name the item you would like to track. The categories being displayed by this panel will be assigned to your new item unless you choose to edit the categories below the name field. Click the X at the end of the category name to remove it, or click the + to add new a new category to this item. Click the add button to create your item and begin adding entries. Note that if you choose to create an item here that does not share a category with the display it will be created but will not show up in this panel.

quick add

4. Creating a new item will reveal the quick add field for this item, a convenient way to add entries directly to your displays. To access an item’s quick add field, simply click on the number (0.0plus / minus) after the item name. Use the calendar icon ( calendar ) to edit the date information for the entry. Once you have entered an amount, clicking ADD will update the quantity and graph value of your item, plus provide further confirmation by listing the date modified in the quick-add area. Quantities must be numbers, but can be integers, decimals, positive or negative.

display options

5. To adjust any of the display settings, click the OPTIONS link. While in the options state, you may delete a panel by selecting the delete option and clicking DELETE THIS DISPLAY.... You will also find options for:

Data. Use this setting to manage the information displayed by this panel. You may add categories by selecting them from the drop-down menu, or remove categories by clicking the X at the end of the category name.

Display. Switch between showing items or categories and manage any of the display types and their options with this setting.

Timespan. These settings allow for date filtering of the display. By default the panel will display all of your entries (Everything), but you can select one of the preset time ranges (Last Day, Last Week, Last Two Weeks, or Last Month) or create a custom time range (Custom...). The custom timespan is defined by defining either a start or end date, or both.

Sort. Set the display order of your entries with these options (Total, Total-Ascending, Alphabetical or Alphabetical-Reverse).

Privacy. With a Daytum Plus account, the privacy settings for the panel can be changed here from public to private.

6. To change the title of your panel, click on the pencil icon ( edit ) next to the title. To link to the stand-alone panel, click on the panel icon ( panel ) at the end of the title line.