How To...

Display Types

Display panels provide a variety of options for presenting your data. With just a few entries and a combination of these display types, you can effortlessly create a compelling page.

horizontal bar display

List: Horizontal Bars. Totals with proportional horizontal bars to display relative amounts.

spark bar display

List: Spark Bars. Totals with a small graph (a spark bar) that presents a comprehensive history of activity over time.

total display

Total. Displays the total.

piechart display

Chart: Pie. Totals displayed as a pie chart.

stacked line graph display

Chart: Stacked Line. Activity over time as a stacked line graph.

timeline display

Chart: Timeline. Activity over 6 weeks with rollover totals per day.

average total display

Average Total. Displays the average total.

average entry display

Average Entry. Displays the average entry.

average day display

Average Day. Average daily total from the first entry to the current time.

time since last display

Time: Since Last Entry. Amount of time that has passed since the last entry.

average time between display

Time: Average Between Entries. Average amount of time that has passed between entries.

latest item display

Item: With Latest Entry. Name of the item with the most recent entry.

most entries item display

Item: With Most Entries. Name of the item with the most entries.

latest entry display

Entry: Latest. Most recent entry amount.

largest entry display

Entry: Largest. Largest entry amount.

smallest entry display

Entry: Smallest. Smallest entry amount.

Display Options

Depending on the display type you have selected, one or more of the following options may be available.

show item list option

Show Item/Category List. In numeric and time-based displays, use this option to toggle the the visibility of the list of all items or categories. Note that turning off the list of items will make quick-add functionality inaccessible in this display.

display in numbers / words option

Display in Numbers / Words. Using this option, you can define whether numeric displays are presented in numerals or written out in words.

summarized / precise time option

Summarized / Precise Time. Time-based displays may be presented in a conversational “summarized” style (e.g., About an hour), or in a “precise” format that will show the time to three levels of precision (e.g., 1 month 25 days 12 hours).