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Global Quick Add

The global quick add field lives in the navigation header of your display and data views. It provides a streamlined way of adding entries to your account without having to use the display panel quick add. This makes it easier to add entries to items that are not currently being displayed or might exist on different pages.

global quick add

1. To use the global quick add, simply type any part of the item name for which you wish to record an entry. Select the appropriate item from the autocomplete listing of all matching items. The text entry area will then be filled with the item name followed by a colon (:). Enter the amount you wish to enter after the colon, and click the calendar icon ( calendar ) to make any adjustments to the entry time before pressing ADD.

global quick add receipt

2. As entries are recorded, they will appear temporarily beneath the quick add field. Here you may make adjustments to the entry amount or time, add categories to new or existing items, or delete the entry. Once you refresh or navigate away from this page, the recent entries will disappear.