How To...


The Daytum mobile site has been optimized for use on the iPhone and is compatible with the Android browser.

1. When you have logged into you will be greeted with the ADD PAGE, this is a streamlined way to submit your entries.

mobile add field

2. To use the add field, simply start typing an item name and a list of the matching entries will appear below the field. Click on the item you wish to update, and the form field will be filled with the proper syntax to record an entry.

3. If no amount is specified after the item name, an amount of 1 will be used when you click the ADD button, or enter a different amount after the : to submit a quantity other than 1.

4. After clicking ADD, your entry will be added and appear in a grey button below the add field. Click this button again to re-add the entry, or click the ( delete ) link to remove the entry. Categories can also be added to items, by clicking the ( add category ) link associated with the entry.

recent entries

5. Click the MORE button at the bottom of the entries list to see additional records in groups of five.

date field

6. If you would like to submit with a time other than the present, simply press the ( edit ) link next to the date field at the top of the page and change the entry time.


7. By clicking the DISPLAYS link, you can also view and edit your panels. This view of your page also allows entry submission via the standard quick-add field, as well as the creation of new statements and displays.