How To...


The SETTINGS link found to the right of the Daytum logo allows you to access both the functional and cosmetic preferences for your account.

sample settings

Login. This field allows you to change your login to any unassigned name. Altering this setting will affect your login, the name of the page and its URL. To change your password, click the CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD link below the login field.

Location. This description will appear beneath your user name on your home page. Enter your town, a description or leave it blank.

E-Mail. This is the email account we will use to contact you.

Mobile Submissions. Entering your credentials here will authenticate your Twitter account, set it to follow Daytum and allow you to begin using the mobile submission features.

Page Color. This selector allows you to choose a color for the statements and displays on your page.

Avatar. This image appears next to your user name on your home page, and is associated with activity or comments you make. Upload an image here in jpg, png or gif format to change or replace your avatar.

Time Zone. Whenever possible, we will attempt to determine your location automatically, but if your entries are not being recorded at the proper time, you may need to deactivate the auto-location and set your time-zone manually. When travelling outside your standard time-zone keep this setting up-to-date to ensure that entries are not recorded at the wrong time.