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entries1 The entries page features an entry field and a list of recent entries. Tapping an item name or entry amount will link to their detail views.

By swiping across an entry, you can quickly choose to re-add that item and amount at the current time, or choose to edit or delete the entry.

entries2 As you start typing in the entry field, a list of matching items will appear below. Select an existing item or the new item (marked with a +) to create it.

Give your item an amount in the adjacent field, and change the entry date if necessary by touching the date field above. Then tap "Add Entry" to record the entry.


item list The main item and category views are scrollable lists. Tap the button at the top of the page to add a new item or category.

category list Click on an item or category to visit its detailed view, or swipe to quickly reveal edit and delete options.


entries1 Selecting an item or category from the list view loads the graph view. Dragging the handles below the graph allows for the default 2 week range to be adjusted. Drag over the graph to see the entry total for a specific day.

Click the star in the upper right corner to save this graph to the favorites page.

entries2 Switch between the graph and list view by pressing the toggle in the upper right hand corner.

The list view displays all the entries for an item and all the items in a category. New entries can be added to items in this list view.


entries1 The favorites page is a place to keep frequently referenced graphs.

Save an item or category here by pressing the star icon on a graph. When it's blue, the graph has been saved to your favorites.

entries2 To edit the favorites page, press the "i" icon in the upper right corner. This page allows saved graphs to be removed from your favorites and for the order of graphs to be adjusted.

Removing a graph from the favorites page will not affect your data.