To get started, simply decide what you wish to track (perhaps miles run, or ice creams enjoyed), then begin entering your data in any of the following ways:

- From the global quick-add field.
- From the quick-add fields on your displays.
- From the mobile-optimized site.
- From your Twitter account (including SMS).


By giving categories to an item, they can be grouped and displayed. The item "ice cream" can be categorized as "food" and presented in a "food" chart. It can be also be further categorized as "dairy" and "sweets" and appear in displays for each of those categories.

- Assign categories to new or existing items.
- Edit or remove categories from the item data page.


Present your data by creating display panels for your categories. There are numerous styles and options including:

- Display totals, averages, pie-charts, bar graphs, and many more...
- Combine multiple categories into a single display.
- Present either category or item totals within a display.
- Select a time-range of entries to display.